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Why a growth roadmap?

Growth Roadmap

A solid foundation is needed before getting into execution mode. If you just start optimizing your processes from a gut-feeling, there is a big risk of taking the wrong steps, missing opportunities or doing lots of unnecessary iterations. 

The goal of the growth roadmap is to clearly determine where you are now and what steps you should take to move forward and achieve success: increasing your net new growth and your customer's lifetime value.

Growth Roadmap

Growth Roadmap

Elements of the Growth Roadmap

Growth Roadmap

As said before, the Growth Roadmap is both a strategic plan and a guide for you and your customer-facing teams; marketing, sales, and service. Even though it is initially aimed at these three teams, it might have implications for HR (ie. new hire) Product Management (ie. new features), or Finance (ie. new pricing model).

The Growth Roadmap consists of 6 key elements:

  1. Business Model Canvas - Clearly describe your business, and gives an overview of how it functions for your customers.
  2. Value Proposition Canvas - Makes sure your company is aligned with your customer values and needs.
  3. Personas - Gives us a deep understanding of who your ideal customer is and what drives them. 
  4. Customer Journeys - Describes the (information) needs and desires of your customers on their way from transforming from a stranger to a life-long customer.
  5. Processes & KPIs - Aligns your customer-facing teams in a single process and goal.
  6. Plan of Execution - Documents the milestones, responsibilities, tasks, and planning for the coming months.

Read on to understand how we make sure we create a growth roadmap perfect for your needs and context.

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The process

Growth Roadmap

Many agencies will book 5-10 workshops with you to gather all the input to create a persona, a customer journey, and some other elements they might see as part of their strategy. 

As you might know, we like to do things a bit differently. We love data, and data is usually better than the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person's Opinion).

That's why take less input from our customers, and more from (open) data sources & public research. The initial input will come from you, but these will only be a few short questions needed to guide us.

The first big step is made when we feed our self-developed tools with this input. The results in:

  • The pains, gains, and jobs-to-be-done for your value proposition canvas;
  • Demographic information on your persona;
  • Predictions of personality (Big 5 & MBTI) and receptiveness to each of the 7 principles of influence by Cialdini for your persona;
  • Information on your persona's style of work and motivations;
  • Directions for information need in the customer journey.

Once this information is known, we'll get back to you to brainstorm the Value Map, and fill in your Business Model Canvas.

Once these elements are clear, we'll move on to the more tactical/operational side of things. We design a customer journey that layout the entire process through marketing, sales, onboarding, and account management. Together we decide on KPIs and create a full plan of execution, with tasks, planning, milestones, and clear responsibilities. 

When you and your teams start following this roadmap, growth will follow.

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