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Strategic Program

If your goal is to grow your revenue, retention & upsell and net-new growth go hand-in-hand. By optimizing Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success through our methodology, experience & tools, we create a friction-free customer experience that enables improved revenue outcomes. We equip your teams with the right technology, improve their efficiency with smart automation, data analytics & integrations, and help them enlarge their digital impact through our customer-focused approach.

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What's included?

New Business Generation

We kick the project off with developing a growth strategy. Next, we'll implement HubSpot, equip your marketing & sales teams with the right tools, and train them. We create a brand new, friction-free website, improve lead generation & customer conversion. We create lead generation content, blogs, social ads to promote your offerings, and processes for lead nurturing & sales. We'll proactively constantly support your teams, training them, share our expertise. We'll measure everything we do and optimize the full buyers' journey accordingly.


Strategy & Playbook

New Business Generation

A solid foundation is needed before diving into execution-mode. We believe everything should have practical value and we try to balance time-effort and effectiveness in everything we do.

We've found that the best ways to collect input for your growth strategy are a combination of external (market) and internal (CRM) data sources, fast-paced interviews & face-to-face sessions.

We take a data-driven approach to creating your value proposition canvas, ideal customer profile, psychographic personas, buyers' journeys, set KPI's and processes marketing & sales.

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HubSpot implementation

New Business Generation

The success of implementing a new tool is greatly determined by the adoption of the users. Therefore we should make it as smooth as possible for the users to transfer from one system to the other. They should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to be successful with the system on day one. 

We’ll prepare the use of HubSpot for both marketing & sales teams. This includes services like creating new custom properties, smart automation, CRM migration, integrations with other business applications, and in other ways make sure the transition to HubSpot is smooth.


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Friction-free website

New Business Generation

As soon as the strategy is ready, we'll start with the creation of a truly friction-free website for prospects and leads.

The website is the first step to a steady stream of inbound leads to supply the sales team. This 'quick-win' allows us to increase the number of leads generated and turn the website truly into a lead generation machine.

It will make the days of sales reps more effective because there is less time spent on time-intensive prospecting for potential buyers.

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Buyers' journeys

New Business Generation

We'll great campaigns and content journeys focussed on attracting new good-fit buyers and converting them into customers by providing and promoting unique and valuable content.

We create lead-generating content for you (i.e. whitepapers, e-books, checklists, calculators, etc.),  write blogs aligned with this content to promote it, and further promote the content on the most effective paid channels.

We'll manage and set-up a smooth process from ad to booking a meeting with sales, using smart automation, and our well-tested and proven workflow structure.

Marketing optimization

New Business Generation

To make sure we keep seeing the best possible results from our efforts, we constantly measure the potential buyers' behavior and optimize accordingly.

We take an experiment-driven approach to find and prioritize areas of improvement. Our goal is to constantly overachieve the benchmarks for each stage of the marketing funnel.

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Sales enablement

Sales enablement

New Business Generation

We will not just ensure that your sales team is provided with more high-quality leads; we'll also ensure that they are well equipped to follow up with these leads. 

This equipping of your sales team will involve lots of different elements, from dashboarding & providing the team with actionable insights to helping them save time with intelligent automation, minimizing admin tasks, and predictive analytics to focus their resources on the right deals. 

Practical matters

New business generation

This program runs for 12 months.

Focus area
The Buyer (Marketing & Sales)

€3700 p/m

HubSpot Requirements 
Marketing Hub Pro, Sales Hub Pro, CMS Hub Pro

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