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Growth Accelerator

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If you've worked with an agency before, you are probably familiar with the frustrations of having to wait until something (simple) finally gets done. You wait 2 weeks, for something that takes 2 hours to do, is fixed. Or you have a bigger project that takes about 100 hours in total, but it's planned to take over 18 weeks. 

Now that is exactly what we eliminate with the Growth Accelerator. We put a 'SWAT team' together, to take on your challenge and get you the result in a single week.

Growth accelerator

growth hackathon

5-days of insanity

Growth Accelerator

Now we too don't want to hit any blockers. So before we get started we discuss your wishes, the guidelines, and the team (both from your side, and from our side).

Your wish can be something very specific (a new website or campaign) or something broader (increase marketing effectiveness or increase amount of SQL's).

Having clear guidelines makes sure that we are not getting slowed down or lose momentum because of things like tedious approval processes. This will also help us prep our team. 

The team can vary based on your needs but will usually consist of 2-3 people full-time from our side, and at least 1 person from your side full-time. Also, we will need access to at least one commercial executive (CMO, CCO, or CRO) that is both available and engaged.


Expected results

Growth Accelerator

The outcomes of a growth accelerator can vary greatly, but nonetheless, the results will amaze you. Of course, there will be tangible results. For example, a new website, content, marketing automation flows, campaigns, new leads, etc.

Next to this, a growth accelerator will also have an intangible impact. It will spark the creativity of your team, work as a motivator & energizer, and will also be an educational experience.

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Hackathon results

Growth Accelerator

Practical matters

Growth Accelerator

5 days

Focus area
Wherever we can have the biggest impact.

Approx. €15000

HubSpot Requirements 
Any HubSpot product

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