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A HubSpot implementation can be done in 3 hours or in 3 months. It all depends on your situation and needs. But how do you know what is right for you? This page helps you discover your own needs.

HubSpot versus Agency

If you’ve looked at the pricing page of HubSpot, you might have seen that HubSpot includes an onboarding fee in some of their pricing. This price varies from $230 for a Quick Start Consultation for Sales Hub Professional, but can also reach up to $5.500 for a Marketing Enterprise Onboarding.

Agencies working with HubSpot usually offer a similar onboarding or implementation service too. If you buy HubSpot via a certified HubSpot partner, you don’t pay for the mandatory HubSpot onboarding.

So what’s the difference between the two? Well, firstly an agency is a lot more flexible in what they can offer you and how they can help. HubSpot (even HubSpot Support) steps away from anything that has to do with code, custom integrations or extensive customization. This is exactly where a partner or agency steps in.

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Create a HubSpot Proof-of-Concept

Maybe what you are using right now is a combination of PipeDrive CRM, Mailchimp, WordPress and Zendesk, or some other tools. You dream of having everything in the same system, one place for everything: HubSpot.

Don’t get caught making mistakes or wrong decisions in all of your enthusiasm. Take some time to sit down with the teams using the tools that will, in the future, morph into HubSpot. Ask them what functionalities in these tools are crucial, which functionality is nice-to-have and what functionality do they never use. And, what functionality would they desire to have in the future?

Collect all this input from the relevant teams and put this together in your Proof-of-Concept document. 

HubSpot Trial and your HubSpot POC

HubSpot offers a free 30-day trial. Use these 30 days to really go through all the input in your POC-document and test all the functionalities your team needs and wants. Can they keep working in the same way they have always worked? Or do they need to make some changes to their processes? If so, are these changes improvements or workarounds?

Go back to your teams with the results of the POC. Demonstrate how they will be able to execute on all their crucial tasks, how they retain their nice-to-have functionalities and how they in the future can expend with their desired functionalities. Make the purchase of HubSpot a team decision and secure full internal support for the new system.

Need help creating or testing your Proof-of-Concept? We love to help.

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Complex HubSpot implemenations

When you’ve made you POC-document you should be able to make an estimate of how complex your implementation is going to be. If you are just going to replace WordPress and Mailchimp with HubSpot Marketing Professional, your implementation probably won’t be so complicated. Do the HubSpot onboarding, let your team watch the HubSpot Academy training video’s and get started.

Now, if you have a huge and complex database, a big group of users spread out over different countries and teams, some more complex or custom integration or you need a very precise migration from some legacy software; it might be better to get yourself a partner in this project. Someone who has been doing this for years. Someone who knows everything about the HubSpot tools. Someone like us.

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