• HubSpot for Startups? Find out if you are eligible for a 90% discount

Written by Tobias M. Pasma

HubSpot for Startups? Find out if you are eligible for a 90% discount

  • Last updated: 20 August 2019

HubSpot for Startups is an initiative by HubSpot that gives startups up to 90% discount on their license fee. So instead of paying $800 for HubSpot Marketing Pro, you pay only $80. Five HubSpot Sales Pro seats don’t cost you $400, but $40. And a full Growth Suite Enterprise is discounted from $5,600 to $560. HubSpot for Startups is amazing!

Are you eligible for HubSpot for Startups?

To get the discounts, you will have to apply for the program. When you apply, you’ll notice that you have to be aligned to an approved partner of the HubSpot for Startups program. These partners are a group of about 1,700 selected Venture Capital firms, accelerators, or incubators. Check the list of partners here.

But, just being aligned to one of these partners isn’t enough. If you are eligible for a discount, and how high of a discount, will also depend on the amount of money you have raised. I’ll explain in the next paragraph.


How does the pricing work for HubSpot for Startups?

The discount you get from HubSpot for Startups is not always the same, it depends on your situation.

If you have less than $2 million in funding, you will get 90% off in your first year of using HubSpot. In the second year, the discount will ‘only’ be 50%. In the years after that, the discount stays at 25% until you have raised over $2 million in funder.

If you have raised over $2 million in funding, you can still get the discount. But the discount will be ‘only’ 50% off in the first year. In the second year and the years after, your discount stays at 25%.

If you want, you can play around with this calculator to see how the price would be for you.


But, I am not a startup…

If you are not a startup, don’t worry. There is another program inside HubSpot that offers very good discounts: HubSpot for Entrepreneurs. It kind of works in the same way, but the discounts are not as high as with the startups.

If you are eligible you’ll receive a 30% discount on the first year, and a 15% discount in the years thereafter. To be eligible you have to be aligned to one of the partners of HubSpot for Entrepreneurs, like WeWork or any of the others in this list of partners.